Monday, November 9, 2009


Autumn truly is the time of reflection and the beginning of internal discovery.  On the eve of Samhain I was forced to deal with a tooth issue that had completely hindered my life for the past two years.  After a trip to the emergency room and the worst pain in my life I went under the oral surgeons' knife last Tuesday morning and had all my wisdom teeth and two second morals that were broken and brushing against my sinuses , finally, thankfully, removed.  I am now on the mend. And doing pretty darn good after one week I think.  But the point of this post is just to put down something I feel I have accomplished, gotten past.  And I feel free.  I couldn’t garden or mow and it seemed every time I had big plans my tooth would act up and send my sinuses into pain that I would stop me from  eating or sleeping or laying down. I am primed to prosper now.  Without the nagging pain of sweeping something under the rug. 

My husband and I had gotten a lot of things “together” about a week before Samhain, we both felt like we had moved things in our lives into their proper place.  And we were ready to set things in motion.  Whether it was with ourselves or with Paper Road. This needed to happen, and has. It all feels like that deep exhale right now.  What a good feeling.

We have so many big dreams that our now big plans… and hopefully will be a big success!

While I was recovering my momma was here to take care of me and the house and lol my stressed husband.  Its amazing what mothers do to set a calm over an environment and you.  We call my momma the “bumble bee” which I am sure you know why she is the busiest little momma ever! She makes something for herself to do and rarely sits down. Though I forced her to watch a movie with me which I’m pretty sure she enjoy because it became the theme for the rest of the week. look it up and you will under stand why “ Jumanji” LOL !

Here is why this movie became the theme of the week.  Ed and I had ordered a new fridge as ours was becoming a health hazard it was due to arrive the day of my surgery so we ended up moving that back to later that week. But we needed to prepare so we un hooked the water line to the icemaker that we weren’t using in hopes that it may stop the water from building up in the fridge. 

Luckily for us ( haha) the former owners of this house live right across the street… So Mr. Paper Road went to across the street to ask if this water line was pressurized and where the turn off was before he went crawling under the house… Well “OF course its not pressurized!!” OR NOT!
Needless to say my mother was in the kitchen with all our bath towels trying to hold back the geyser from the water line.. Mr. Paper Road was yelling back and forth from outside trying to figure out how to turn it off , I was standing there with gauze in my mouth bleeding like a stuck pig yelling “ OH MY GOD!” holding my numb face… finally I yell to my husband turn off the main ! He runs out to the street and finally gets it off. My mom was dripping wet, there's water all over the kitchen and we all start to laugh when mom turns to both of us and breaths out “ Jumanji”

That was just the beginning to a week of : a lost wedding ring,milkshakes, a broken clothes dryer, pain pills,  Lowes delivery men calls, enough lint to fill a grocery bag, a fixed dryer, a leaking sink, and a whole lot of giggles. 

Alot has happened and over all I am glad it has, sometimes like my momma says “ sometimes, somethings gotta happen to make other things that need to happen, happen” So right you are mom.
And I am ready for our big plans to happen.


  1. Hi Sarah!

    Thank you so much for your kind words over at my blog and it is absolutely wonderful to meet you! I love your writing - and your mother sounds precious. I hope all of your dreams come true....


  2. You're an incredible master of the writen word. Color me green :-)

    From SiTS...