Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Page from my Daybook

 November 14, 2009

Outside my window… the mist is falling

I am thinking…of pale daffodil, bicycle yellow…lemon soufflé, straw hat, wildflower honey and chickadee… behr paint...

I am thankful for…the comfort I can find in solitude

From the kitchen…dishes soak in the farm sink

I am wearing… fleece and red cables

I am creating…a feathered nest

I am going…to the craft room

I am reading…The Chronicles of Narnia ..

I am hoping… I can take my dreams and ideas and turn them into reality

I am hearing… “ Lucy, you’ve been dreaming.. Dreaming of the sea captain that haunts this house.. You wrote the book ...and after time this dream will die.. Just like all dreams disappear among the wake”
- The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Around the house…things sit quietly awaiting for their turn

One of my favorite things…the words of far wiser people held securely between the spines of pebble bound leather… standing like an army , embossed in gold

A few plans for the rest of the week…one word… KLIZ

The thought I am sharing…

“A new year wind blows
Through the empty branches
Of pecan trees
The Camellias’ anchor the corners
Of century old wood
Bracing the edges of hope
Gusts blow and shake the beams
And boards
But they  are only seen 
Through the wavy glass of home” -Sarahlynn

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  1. How lovely is this...thank you for visiting me the other day. And thank you for sharing this..I am off to check out this link...sounds amazing...the simple womans day book!

  2. thanks Karolee, it has really inspired me I have started to use it as a go to post ..this way there is always something to blog about