Saturday, August 29, 2009


Home ownership is a magical thing.  Let no one tell you any different.  Who doesn’t dream of their own little corner of the world?  Think of the magnitude of property ownership back when this old house was new.  Over a century and a half ago men met and drew signatures across bone colored parchment, with ink that might as well have been blood. Owning land meant something, now it seems as disposable as the things we put between our four walls.  In the grand scheme of things there are very few old magical places left. And to have your name whether in ink or blood… on a hundred year or more old deed is something to be proud of. However with ownership comes great responsibility. 

    In a few days it will have been a year since my husband and I took on the adventure of owning.  It’s funny when I look back and realize that it has taken me a full year to finally settle in.  Though when I first walked through this grandma of a house I felt right at home.  My husband, Ed, actually said as we drove away from it the first time bright eyed and full of butterflies “ Is it me, or does it feel like that old house is hugging you when your in it?”  I laughed but had to agree.  It did feel like we belonged there, like the plaster walls were embracing us.

     As summer dies away into the cool nights of crickets and autumn I feel relief, the relief of being home.  It may have taken a full year and four seasons but I have arrived.  And like fall brings the changing of colors I too will bring it, in the from of brushes and buckets.  So I invite you in to my home and heart to take this journey with my family.  A trip of fixing, painting, restoring and saving a small part of history on my own little plot of the world.   As we move inside for the coming weather, a time of introspection and creativity I will share with you our trials of ownership. Whether you own, rent, have or dream of  living in a part of history I invite you in, to sit a spell and gush with me over all things shabby, chipped, crooked and beautiful.   Welcome friends to the first gathering of the Century Old Home Owners Society. Blessed Be.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A note from the blogger

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