Wednesday, September 30, 2009

alittle note

Happy Wednesday!  Its been awhile since my last post, due to a ridiculously time warping stomach bug ( or whatever it was)  I was down for the count for an entire week.  But now that I’m eating again, I will hopefully be able to post this weekend as I catch up on the house chores.   Until then I have enjoyed reading other bloggers beautiful posts , I can’t say enough how much I have been inspired by all of you since I started  this little idea.  I feel like I’m getting my life in real order again.  I would like to direct anybody out there who feels overwhelmed by housework sometimes to go visit  “ The Flylady” she has changed the way I look at my home and the unavoidable mess that life creates.  I can’t wait to start posting again! -Sarahlynn
PS - Please enjoy this to die for Autumn weather!

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Tribute to Great Men

The beauty of living within history, is remembering it.  Personifying every year that has passed each square head nail and heart pine plank.  The key to living is in preservation, not renovation.   In sealing over the blemishes that left scars from days gone by.    The memories that let this house breathe in, splitting plaster walls  with the heavy sigh of winter nights.  Or the humid summer memory of woolen soldiers spilling life on the porch.  It is in the rattle of  the ghosts of railroad men, who pace and smile at their dream still at the end of  the  road.   The steady chugging of steam powered progress that fueled a coast with coal from the mountains.  Who’s compacted rails will soon move people from city to city, in the belly  of modern beasts.  We live within the dreams of men, who prospected the burden of prosperity, and built over it. 

Thank you Bells, Babbs, and Dardens for believing in the simple dreams of men.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Doors of Bell House


"In Testament" 
We are the Salt
Of copper washed
The tenders
Of graves
On plots
Bought with blood
We are stronger
We are the salvation
In solitude
We are your
Starving flesh
Now calmed
By the
Of righteousness
We are
The epiphanies
Born Out
of the
depths of
In the moonlight
We Laid down
The light of
Wick and wax
And Have
"Front Door"

I have broken the handle to years forgotten
Selfishly hanging the door in my home
The iron hinges swing freely
But the knob no longer turns

A few words by me..

Please take a moment to look through these doors from my home " Bell House". . . these handles have been turned for over a      century and a half.. be still my heart.   
 My love of the arts has transformed into a lifestyle. My home, my words, my creations.. my thoughts are tucked securely in a chipped white washed lifetime...

I do hope you have enjoyed this quick post with my pictures and poems.. Blessed Be.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Arrival of Autumn

Virginia usually leaves you breathless this time of year, all summered out.  But Autumn seems to be on time this September. The first day of the month brought sleeping weather and  I captured that coolness in the still of morning flinging open the doors to greet this unexpected but welcome visitor.  Dusk is ushered in by the back woods choir of crickets that ebb like the temperature where June bugs shrill once pierced the inky black night.

The  first day brought rain, leaving the sky gray but the fiery sunset pushed through the pines to claim its rightful place in the day.  It shown through for only five minutes setting the corn field and pecan trees on fire.  A magical glow wrapped itself around this part of the world reflecting off every slick wet surface before fainting behind the tree line. 

The hurried day reminded me of winter, daylight rushed into darkness. Its time to prepare, with oil and heaters and insulated drapes.  But that darkness helps you to look inward.  To focus on finishing projects and starting new ones.  Its time to settle in enjoy comfy nights and sweaters.  Its time to breath in the scent of newly fallen leaves.  

So, gather here...its time to pick out those projects you've been meaning to get to and make a list.  The arrival of Autumn brings back the anxious stir of creativity!

(I will be posting my house hold projects soon. Fabric samples and paint chips! And my natural, all purpose cleaner .. coming soon)

BTW September first was Ed and I's fourth anniverisary.. Time sure flys!  Here is a picture of the fabulous necklace he bought for me from Etsy! Which I love and support anyway I can.. In hopes that one day I will have my own Etsy shop here is the lovely sellers store link  
 Thank you Ed, I love you! and thank you "Azure Treasure" for your beautiful "Eternity necklace"