Sunday, October 25, 2009

Playing Along with Blue Bird Notes

                                                     Where is your cell phone? hiding
 Your hair?rapunzel
Your Mother? thoughtful
Your Father? quiet
Your favorite food? homemade
Your dream last night? restless

Your favorite drink? EarlGray

Your dream/goal? indiepreneur
What room are you in? front
Your hobby? creating

Your fear? loss
Where do you want to be in 6 years? comfortable

 Where were you last night? couch

Something that you are not? disloyal
Muffins? when?
Wish list item? corduroy

Where did you grow up?VA Beach 
Last thing you did? buy fridge

 What are you wearing?jersey
 Your T.V.? off
Your pets? awwww
 Friends? husband
Your life? blessed
Your mood? breathing

Missing someone? nope 
Vehicle? pickup
 Something you are not wearing? shoes
Your favorite store? Etsy
 Your favourite colour? peacock
When was the last time you laughed? 2 up
Last time you cried? long story 
Your best friend? husband
One place that I go to over and over? pecan tree
One person who emails me regularly? momma
 Favorite place to eat?  home

loved doing this... 

Saturday, October 24, 2009

On A Paper Road

       Color has arrived to this little village of 312.  The maples in the front yard are now ablaze.  Leaves lay like confetti, as if the earth was celebrating.  Friday night was spent relaxing flipping through the pages of  The Magicians Elephant    … ( A so far beautifully written and illustrated “children's” book) snuggling under a down blanket in the comfort of my bed. 
    After reading I typed up several Rituals and Meditations for my newly constructed (and temporary) Grimoire taken from a book by Judy Nock, as I prepare for next weeks Shabbat. I will post pictures next Sunday…  Along with the Grimoire I also put together a binder for our home , Paper Road Farm.

     You ask, Paper Road? Well I will tell you.. gather near. When we bought this darling grandma farm house we were told “ You live on a paper road” .. My husband and I stared at each other.   Turns out that we live next door to a road that was never build its only on paper ( the city plans, our deed, what not) but our little town never built the road.  So I took out our land plot documents and there what we call our gravel drive way sits “Elm street” , yes, really.  I giggled too when I read that.  The street I live on use to be Magnolia Lane before it was renamed for  a founding family I would imagine sometime in the towns “recent” history. 
        However I digress, I made this binder to hold all my paint chips, fabric samples and decorating inspirations.  I recommend everyone doing it, who has a tendency like me to love eye candy.. to collect it like a magpie… and lose it.  It is now all right at my finger tips. 

Just get a cheap binder if you don’t have one laying around and clear page protectors.  I just took tape and a sheet of computer paper and stuck together some beautiful inspiring pages that are double sided and could easily be unstuck if they needed to be.

Above are the piles of fabric and paint chips that I had stuffed in my living room book shelf that are now sitting neatly on the shelf. 
Now for a wonderful tip! This tip is cheap easy and you might already have it in your home.  I have struggled with finding work space.. not only to I not have a desk right now but I also am most creative when comfortable and I am at my most comfortable sitting cross legged somewhere cozy.. but cozy is a crappy work surface.  So here is the answer!

This is a simple wooden cutting board.  It is about H 12” by L 18” or so … I picked it up at Walmart in a set of three a year ago and only used the small one until I got grossed out by trying to wash wood after cutting food up and making deep scratches in the surface.. So after purchasing a plastic Microband one my wooden ones sat useless in the cupboard.  So Friday I had an AH Ha moment pulled it down and this one above has traveled all over the house with me since the moment I pulled it down.  If I flip it over there is the craved out groove all away around the board, which is prefect for a resting pencil or pen… I know, I know its just a piece of wood… But it has solved a problem that has plagued me for years. I hope this might help someone else. 
Before letting you go I wanted to let you know what’s coming up .. I spent the last week sewing my first dress it is so wonderful and I am so pleased with how it turned out I will be posting it soon with a review of the pattern by a true sewing beginner and where I found my fabric. Please do have a wonderful weekend I am off to use my brand new KitchenAid cinnamon red tea kettle and a cup of Early Gray… try to do something cozy by candle light…
blessed be

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Art of Limbo

Limbo is the edge.  It is where I often find myself.  Sitting right on the edge of everything.  Biding my time until…  into the infinite dot, dot, dot . Its a place where I wish I didn’t feel like I had a perpetual “reservation” on the worst table in the place.  But I feel like I am there. 

The funniest thing is that I am a person who really knows what they want.  Which is quite a blessing in a world where people often have no clue what they want and no idea how to get it.  My problem, that always seems to land me at my special table is that I have so many ideas in my head that I stop.  I stop dead.  Bouncing between all these beautiful ideas .  I spend so much time researching and preparing that things never happen. 

There are only a few things that we all know to be true in our lifetime I feel, and I would hope that most of those things would be about yourself.  So here is what I know to be true about me:

I have always created.

I have always wanted to create.

I cannot stop myself form creating.


I am my own limbo

The wheels turn but nothings coming out.  I plan to no longer place myself at this table for one, with no supplies and a wobbly chair. In writing they say that “writers block” is no excuse not to write.  You should work harder.  I don’t want all the ideas I have to fizzle out in limbo.  I want them to flow out of my finger tips so lofty they float to the ceiling . 

Limbo can cancel my reservation.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What I'm Working On Wednesdays

The days are finally turning cool, and along with the brisk air came the inspiration for me  to finish my knit mega cable wrap! It took me forever because of knitter error, lol ( I wrote the pattern down wrong twice!)  The pattern is done in Naturally Caron yarn, Country which I HIGHLY recommend! It is cheap in price and extremely beautiful! The drape is the best I have seen and is stitch definition is wonderful. As someone who has spent many hours online looking for a yarn to love this one is definitely it! Naturally Caron in Country is unmatched in value and beauty, in my opinion. And I have already reordered it in a new color for a handmade Christmas present for my momma ( love you momma!) I also plan to make a pair of fingerless gantlets in the Deep purple Country.

I'm terribly excited about it!! yay!

Secondly, I have picked back up my pen and ink ! And here is the first picture I have done in years. I just started it Monday night but was too excited to wait till it was all done before posting it. So heres a sneak peek

hehe I can't wait to finish it! I will be doing a color wash over the ink .

And now lastly before getting off here to go cook dinner and settle in for the rest of this beautiful fall day , and my favorite day of the work week ( more people need to show love to Hump day! ) I'm going to leave you with a picture of my two best friends! My dear sweet patient loving hubby Ed and our ridiculously entertaining Bo dog (the pitbull/lab/chow/coyote mix, yes I said coyote) I love this picture cause they play in the kitchen everyday while I'm cooking and Bo looks like hes laughing , which if we could understand him he probably was! ( whata goood boy!) Have a wonderful evening all! Blessed Be!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What Is Inspiring You?

What is inspiring me right now :
    Pen and ink, Etsy, children’s books: their magic and illustrations, peacock blue, heathered knits, cardigans,  brown leather boots, ticking, newly fallen leaves, crisp morning and evenings, flannel sheets, the Sharpie pen!,  ghost stories.. Chipping paint, the shades of white, day dreams, antique quilts… 

I feel like I have found myself after picking up my pencil and pen again.  My right hand moving across lightly textured  paper. A sanctuary of ivory and graphite bound carefully with wire.  I go there to capture movement , creatures and dreams.  And leave light headed and gray handed.  What is inspiring you right now? I hope to make this a regular installment on my blog. Come sit a spell friends and go through your dream books and magazine clipping really think,.. Really think about what is making you tick, tick, tick away these days?!

Keeping a running list has helped keep me grounded lately. I am slowly making my way back to who I am and what I love to do. It is a magical feeling. I encourage all of you to keep a book or binder with clipping and things that really inspire you so if you ever come to a block you can hopefully flip through your book, box, or binder and renew you creative spirit. Thank you all for helping me get back to this wonderful place! pictures to come!