Friday, March 25, 2011

Custom Wrap and Scarfs!

Mega Cable Wrap in Peacock

Honeycomb scarf in deep purple

Signature cables in Foliage

Want something special for you or someone you truly love there's nothing like the gift of handmade!

Here Lions Abound is offering three  customizable pieces.  The first is a Mega cable wrap, the second a honeycomb scarf and the third my signature 4 cable scarf! Use the color chart above to pick the color for your item! 

Leave me a comment and I will make you a custom listing in my Etsy store.  Include the pattern you want and the color !  
The scarfs are both 25 dollars and the wrap is 75 dollars.  All shipping and handling is 4.95 flat rate!

My yarn of choice is a sumptuous merino blend, 12 ply that combines the unparalleled softness of super fine acrylic with the body, drape and warmth of merino wool.  I guarantee your happiness! 25% merino wool 75% micro-denier acrylic

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Etsy shop Grand Opening

Hey guys I know its been awhile but my Etsy shop has been a dream and a long time coming for me! check it out if you would like and let me know what you think! I will be adding new items often so check back! thank you so much for your time! Sarahlynn Oh check on my Etsy mini in the side bar Lots of love from Here Lions Abound!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Page from My Day Book

Outside my window… The world is gray and promising more rain

I am thinking…of tomorrows food and laughter

I am thankful for…every piece big and small of my life

From the kitchen…the oven is on

I am wearing… a fluffy white robe

I am creating…my great grandmas Corn bread stuffing

I am going…to cook deliciousness

I am reading…the all consuming, blanket over the head and flashlight in hand Chronicles of Narnia

I am hoping…to dig up all the good recipes

I am hearing…rain on the tin roof

Around the house…candles are lit

One of my favorite things…The way yellow light shines on the ivory pages of great novels..when the room is dark and silent and only the sound is the snoring of hounds.

A few plans for the rest of the week…priming and painting

The thought I am sharing…count your blessing and place them high on a shelf you can constantly see

"Living Honest"

We have all lost virtue
It has slipped away
Like the fall harvest
It has been left
And shriveled on the vine
Soon there will be no trace of it
For it was not preserved in
Diamond cut mason jars
Virtue has rotted
Forgotten in the field
It will be turned under
With the roots
And dug up with 
The potatoes
Scrubbed  and sliced
And mulled over in
Winter stew

This post is inspired by  simple womans daybook

Monday, November 23, 2009

Its time to finish dinner and plan the secession...

    The latter part of the sentence above is something I thought I would never get the chance to say.  Well apparently the time has come.  My tiny town, population 312, has had enough  and they same its time to secede.

    We have been living under the rule of the local  government, Southampton County, whose complete disregard for the citizens of Ivor has caused us to throw around the words “disgust” and “secession“.  We feel as though we are being, to put it mildly, raked over the coals. 

    We pay thousands of dollars to a complacent neglectful county in “luxury” taxes every year.    With the only services rendered from the county being our tipping fee for the use of the local dump.  We have almost no police service and even being from a tiny town it is scary to think how long or if the cops would show up if something happened. 

    We are not the only ones, the city of Franklin, after losing its paper mill to this horrible economy, has also talked of secession.  They too pay out of pocket to Southampton and are unhappy with the results. 

    Ivor’s bare bones town budget is 135,000.00 dollars. Which in a way is a good place to start, there may be no room for error but error and what I believe to be deceit is what has caused this current town atmosphere.  So its best to start at the true beginning where there is no question to where the money is going.  If we secede it is high time to do this the right way and in my opinion that is the only way this can be successful, any other way would be a complete waste of time.

Transparency is the issue.  Let me purpose the question to you reader.. Why is it so hard for the government, YOUR government to understand that you want to know where your hard earned money is going? What is the issue with transparency?

     I believe the governments sole purpose of opaqueness is that it knows disapproval is the only outcome of them being forthcoming.  And that dear reader is when you know its time for action.  Real action... not just the bowing up of professional politicians, but the action of a disapproving populace. 

I think it all comes down to this simple statement.  Taxing the personal property of people who make a honest living and calling it a tax on luxury is disgusting.  We all know that personal property is not a luxury.  It is worked hard for.  It is earned.

A free citizen of Ivor

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Silent Religion

They say there is weather coming.  Just after dawn the storm windows began to shake, as the gloom that always seems to usher in the rain and wind began to coat this part of the world.  I have always loved the fall, and selfishly loved its storms. 

The skeletons of ancient trees swaying against the starkness of a blue-less sky.  The clouds and their heavy, battleship gray bellies, that float with such effort over a field.  Where the velvet leaves of cabbage and lettuce dance closely to the plowed ground.  Autumn and its storms are a silent illegitimate religion.  That few follow and fewer notice.  Never has a church been as holy as the heavens before a Autumn storm. 

I bid you reader, to go worship.. Soon we will be within the annual purgatory of winter.

Monday, November 16, 2009

An Autumn thought

We have entered into the dark.  This time of year dusk is a war, where a scarlet tide rages against black limbs and the destination of the horizon.  Daylight is pulled, and coiled like lengths of rope on to a wet weathered deck as it disappears in to the  inky slickness of night.  Autumn is the anticipation of battle, the time to say your goodbyes.  Winter is the trenches and it yields no letters from home.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Page from my Daybook

 November 14, 2009

Outside my window… the mist is falling

I am thinking…of pale daffodil, bicycle yellow…lemon soufflĂ©, straw hat, wildflower honey and chickadee… behr paint...

I am thankful for…the comfort I can find in solitude

From the kitchen…dishes soak in the farm sink

I am wearing… fleece and red cables

I am creating…a feathered nest

I am going…to the craft room

I am reading…The Chronicles of Narnia ..

I am hoping… I can take my dreams and ideas and turn them into reality

I am hearing… “ Lucy, you’ve been dreaming.. Dreaming of the sea captain that haunts this house.. You wrote the book ...and after time this dream will die.. Just like all dreams disappear among the wake”
- The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Around the house…things sit quietly awaiting for their turn

One of my favorite things…the words of far wiser people held securely between the spines of pebble bound leather… standing like an army , embossed in gold

A few plans for the rest of the week…one word… KLIZ

The thought I am sharing…

“A new year wind blows
Through the empty branches
Of pecan trees
The Camellias’ anchor the corners
Of century old wood
Bracing the edges of hope
Gusts blow and shake the beams
And boards
But they  are only seen 
Through the wavy glass of home” -Sarahlynn

This post is inspired by

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