Monday, November 23, 2009

Its time to finish dinner and plan the secession...

    The latter part of the sentence above is something I thought I would never get the chance to say.  Well apparently the time has come.  My tiny town, population 312, has had enough  and they same its time to secede.

    We have been living under the rule of the local  government, Southampton County, whose complete disregard for the citizens of Ivor has caused us to throw around the words “disgust” and “secession“.  We feel as though we are being, to put it mildly, raked over the coals. 

    We pay thousands of dollars to a complacent neglectful county in “luxury” taxes every year.    With the only services rendered from the county being our tipping fee for the use of the local dump.  We have almost no police service and even being from a tiny town it is scary to think how long or if the cops would show up if something happened. 

    We are not the only ones, the city of Franklin, after losing its paper mill to this horrible economy, has also talked of secession.  They too pay out of pocket to Southampton and are unhappy with the results. 

    Ivor’s bare bones town budget is 135,000.00 dollars. Which in a way is a good place to start, there may be no room for error but error and what I believe to be deceit is what has caused this current town atmosphere.  So its best to start at the true beginning where there is no question to where the money is going.  If we secede it is high time to do this the right way and in my opinion that is the only way this can be successful, any other way would be a complete waste of time.

Transparency is the issue.  Let me purpose the question to you reader.. Why is it so hard for the government, YOUR government to understand that you want to know where your hard earned money is going? What is the issue with transparency?

     I believe the governments sole purpose of opaqueness is that it knows disapproval is the only outcome of them being forthcoming.  And that dear reader is when you know its time for action.  Real action... not just the bowing up of professional politicians, but the action of a disapproving populace. 

I think it all comes down to this simple statement.  Taxing the personal property of people who make a honest living and calling it a tax on luxury is disgusting.  We all know that personal property is not a luxury.  It is worked hard for.  It is earned.

A free citizen of Ivor


  1. Best of success in your quest for freedom; I've been to Ivor...many decades ago...and found your area to be lovely. I do agree with you - personal property is NOT a luxury!

  2. Oh no! This is disheartening! I hope that it can somehow be resolved! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I hope this local attitude grows and swells from the eastern part of the US and all across the country at ALL levels of government. We have local problems too, and I daresay the SAME SORT of sneaky dirtbags are the ones ruining our country from D.C., too. It's a shame and sometimes you have to take a strong stance to get your point across. Good for you and your stand. Keep us up to date!