Friday, March 25, 2011

Custom Wrap and Scarfs!

Mega Cable Wrap in Peacock

Honeycomb scarf in deep purple

Signature cables in Foliage

Want something special for you or someone you truly love there's nothing like the gift of handmade!

Here Lions Abound is offering three  customizable pieces.  The first is a Mega cable wrap, the second a honeycomb scarf and the third my signature 4 cable scarf! Use the color chart above to pick the color for your item! 

Leave me a comment and I will make you a custom listing in my Etsy store.  Include the pattern you want and the color !  
The scarfs are both 25 dollars and the wrap is 75 dollars.  All shipping and handling is 4.95 flat rate!

My yarn of choice is a sumptuous merino blend, 12 ply that combines the unparalleled softness of super fine acrylic with the body, drape and warmth of merino wool.  I guarantee your happiness! 25% merino wool 75% micro-denier acrylic

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